Awaken the soul codes of your sacred sexual power & rock your life!

Private Mentoring for Women

What if your pleasure was the fuel for you to rock your divine service as a leader?

Align with your sexual power

All too often, “spiritual chicks” get blown out by being too sensitive to the world around us…

What is missing from spiritual New Age yogic practices for women is how to GROUND your feisty sexual energy into your BODY and CONNECT your wildly sensitive intuition into your PUSSY.

Imagine alchemizing all the healing you’ve done on your own trauma journey, resolving auto-immune syndromes and chronic pain, and using that wisdom to transform people’s lives!

Shakti Kundalini Yoga ignites your feminine power by incorporating modern sexual yoga and ancient Tantric practices into your daily self-care rituals.

In this private mentoring session you will be guided back into your seat of feminine power so you can continue your soul work as a modern wisdom Dakini and magical medicine woman with grace, purpose, and  intensified creative energy!

Shifting how you run your sexual energy can amplify your success in business, love, health and your overall happiness. . .

What is a Shakti Activation Session?

private mentoring for sexy feminine leaders, healers and yoginis

A mentor holds a mirror for you to discover the answers within, shines a light on the shadowy places you cannot clearly see for yourself, and guides you back to your power.

As a fellow yogini, modern Tantrica, and wisdom Dakini who has walked the path of healing and sexual awakening (read my story), you will be taken through a custom guided meditation journey and empowerment ritual in this Shakti Sister mentoring session.

Together we will open the celestial Shakti Portal so you can grab the codes and self-initiate into your unique expression and purpose as a feminine leader.

Each session is completely customized to your Shakti codes…

We may use a unique blend of breathwork, visualization, tantra and kundalini yoga practices, shamanic energy healing, sensual self-care coaching, intuitive channeling, spiritual mentoring, or life, love & business coaching.

After the session, you will be provided with an MP3 recording of your custom meditation to practice on your own, a home-play assignment, and aftercare support.

Ongoing mentoring is available to select women by application only.

Step into your calling as a modern wisdom Dakini… the world needs us to shine!

Begin the journey

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What our Shakti Sisters have to say…

I decided to work with Julie after having continual health challenges with my p*ssy. The Shakti Activation session connected me with my p*ssy in a way I had never felt before. I felt alive & turned on! Julie’s facilitation was incredible. She guides in such a strong and gentle way – getting you to the space you need to be in.

Madison P.

Each of the practices Julie brings is potent and practical… embodying ancient feminine power and wisdom attuned to TODAY.

Greta G.
Marriage & Family Therapist
Every time I worked with Julie, I felt brought back home to my feminine essence. She is not only a lovely person, a fantastic coach and an inspired channel… but she also has the foundation for all she provides in her extensive background in holistic health. A session with Julie will leave you glowing for days.

Caroline B.

Let’s Get Shaktified!

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