Red Tent: New Moon Priestess Circle

Red Tent New Moon Priestess Circle

October 16th, 2020
Virtual & live in Encinitas, CA

Magic happens when women gather on the New Moon to honor their menstrual cycles. 

Let’s meet in Sacred Circle and bring your magic for a powerful night of ritual, invocation for healing, and connection to ourselves, each other, and the world.

For our October 2020 Red Tent, we have a special treat!

Are you ready to unleash your sacred sexual energy and erotic self-expression from a place of feminine power, playfulness, and pleasure?

Our special guest intimacy coach, Julie “Shakti” Avena, will be guiding us in an Erotic Dance Ritual to explore various styles of our passion – Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Dakini – playing with these luscious divine feminine codes and how to embody each one in your personal practice in the bedroom.

This will be a HYBRID Red Tent on the New Moon on October 16, 2020, from 6:00 pm PDT – 8:00 pm PDT

A HYBRID Red Tent means you can join us via ZOOM – or- in person if you are negative for COVID and have not been exposed to anyone with it in the last two weeks. We will be outdoors in my beautiful backyard in Encinitas, CA. Limited to 5 people. First come, first serve. 

Love Exchange is $20 to reserve your seat, however, if you’ve been affected by the pandemic and would like to attend, but lack the funds, there is a donation option where you may pay what you can.

What to bring:

* Wear Red
* Bring a candle and a lighter (color doesn’t matter)
* Have a smudge stick (palo santo, sage, incense etc,)
* Set your space up as a temple with your altar, candles, incense
* Your journal/pen
* Your oracle cards (optional)
* Any offerings you’d like to contribute (a song, prayer, reading, transmission, etc. – this is a co-creative experience)
* Come as you are – you are perfect just the way you are (all emotions are welcome)
* Invite your sisters, our collective energy is so powerful!

Red Tent Ceremony


It was such a sacred and magical evening, thank you! I look forward to the next gathering. – Padma L.

This is a safe space for women or feminine energy identified individuals to connect with each other and share our individual and collective experiences. This is a space of self-reflection and transformation. We grow, support, and learn from each other! -Frances C.

Red Tent Time! Goddesses, Fairies, Angels, Warriors, magical women come together to empower, uplift, hold connect, BOND, fill up, remember, feel, and ENLIGHTEN. Sometimes we can forget to plug into each other and the simplicity of this. It might even seem scary to come to this event because your greatness may just be handed to you to see. But once you come and feel the experience you might have tears from remembering we are one, we are more powerful together and that you are never alone. – Clarity A.