My Story

Let’s make spirituality sexier…

I love to share spiritually sexy meditation & intimacy practices with the world.
I believe romantic relationships, meditation, and sexual intimacy can be the fast track to spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and transformative healing.

I want to be surrounded by embodied women who claim their creative sensual power so we can be radiant, grounded, and successful in life and love.

I am committed to empowering couples with romantic bedroom rituals that cultivate love, passion, and connection to create a thriving relationship so we can better serve the planet.

My journey to becoming Shakti

It all began with an old man in a tie dye union suit at a Rainbow Gathering in 1996.
Allow me to explain: It was the summer after my sophomore year in college. I had run away from the cookie-cutter culture of Orange County (where I graduated with honors as the cheerleading co-captain and head of the prom committee) to become a hairy-legged hippie in the Rocky Mountains.
One steamy night I met a boy at a drum circle. We fell in love and 3-days later I dropped out of college and moved me, my trusty sewing machine, and my VHS set of the Star Wars Trilogy into his vintage bright orange VW bus and hit the road.

It was at that bohemian campout that I met my first spiritual mentor, healed my sexual trauma, began teaching Tantra Yoga, and had a life-changing full-body kundalini awakening that made my panties wet simply by doing breathwork facing a partner.

This experience set me on a life-long pursuit to make my spiritual practice sexy AF and blow through trauma one heart-gasm at a time.

When I was 10 years old my mom gave me a meditation album on cassette tape to help me sleep at night by Baba Ram Dass, a revolutionary American spiritual teacher under the lineage of the Maharajji.

At that young age I learned how to meditate, astral travel, and tap into the unseen energetic network of the body that connects our mind and heart to The Divine. Being raised by a New Age single mom, I attended Shamanic Journey workshops, became a Reiki Master by age 12, and was obsessed with reading books by Hay House spiritual authors.

Metaphysical healing arts was my jam.

Back to the old man in the tie dye union suit… When he saw how quickly I caught onto the Tantra and Kundalini Yoga practices he shared, he asked me to travel the world and teach with him by his side. He said it was my destiny to be a modern Dakini (a female messenger of wisdom).

I was given my spiritual name Shakti…

And in that moment, I realized that was WHY I had suffered from the crappy aftermath of trauma from being a child of divorce, from the childhood abuse that happened behind closed doors, from 30-years of pain disorders that no doctor could cure, and the ups and downs of romantic relationships over the years:

It was my destiny to heal myself with meditation, reclaim my sexual power, and help others do the same by bringing spirituality into the bedroom and offer juicy resources for modern relationships.

I’ve been a Meditation Teacher and Intimacy Coach ever since.

And from working as a women’s reproductive wellness coach and clinical herbalist…

To traveling the USA as a sensual masseuse and neo-Tantra teacher…
To rocking festival stages as a DJ, fire-dancer, and running off with the circus…
Getting people turned on by moving their life-force energy with breath, movement, meditation, and sexuality has always been my life’s passion.

That’s why I am sharing my story with you, creating dope meditation albums, and teaching a whole new wrap on sexual yoga with The LoveSpark Method and Shakti Kundalini Yoga.

I am a cosmic cheerleader for YOU to heal your relation-sh*t, make your meditation practice sexier, and inspire you to love as if this is our last day on earth.

Will you join us in this movement to get Turned-ON and uplift the vibes on this planet?

Check out the meditations below as my gift to you to get started!

With love,

Julie Avena

Meditation & Intimacy Coach
Founder of Love Spark International

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