Our Give Back

Tithing & Financial Seva

The mission of Love Spark International is to provide modern meditation tools for people around the world to be empowered in their body, mind and spirit so they can better serve the planet.

Our business model is founded on giving back a percentage of our class tuition fees to female-lead organizations that support women’s empowerment.

We also accept secret angel donations and offer higher-tiered tickets for our events to support our student scholarship fund for low-income students so our services can be available to those in need.


Giving 1/10th of profits to an organization that serves others


An act of selfless service

We donate 10% of our event tuition fees to organizations that support women’s empowerment

We believe an embodied woman who claims her creative, sensual, personal power can be radiant, grounded and successful in life and love…

Julie Avena

And when empowered, heart-centered, pleasure-filled women take the lead, the rest of the world will benefit!

The world will be saved by the Western Woman.
The Dalai Lama at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit


If you have an organization that fits our mission that you would like to nominate, or to invite us to speak at your fundraiser event, please contact us and tell us more about your seva project.

To learn more about the organizations we support, visit our blog for our shout-outs and opportunities for you to contribute to their cause.

Thank you!

Julie Avena

Meditation & Intimacy Coach
Founder of Love Spark International