Try this meditation out, for free
The best part is – you can feel the effects within a matter of MINUTES doing this simple breathing technique, hand posture, and a funky thing with your eyes!

You probably know this already…

As a human living in this stressful world (insert global pandemic), locked up in the house with your family 24/7 (or whatever personal sh*tshow is going on in your life right now)… you should meditate.

But who has the patience to sit still for twenty flipping minutes, convincing your incessantly busy mind to shut up and actually DO this meditation thing (without giving up in frustration and landing back on your not so healthy coping mechanisms)?

If you want to try something quick, healthy, and easy to calm down the fear, anxiety, and stress that is running through your nervous system (and avoid popping a Xanny)…

Try this funky “I AM CALM AF” meditation!

The music was great! I feel calm in my body with a smile on my face.

Ann-Marie G
Real Estate agent
That was really cool. I took 5 breaths… then the three minutes were up. It didn’t seem that long!

Jonathan H.
I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of meditation, but this one has totally shifted my perspective.

Madison P.
I feel peacefully silly. I’m calm and joyful, and I feel like I don’t have to take myself so seriously right now.

John-Michael M.
improv comedian
I feel vibrant and calm at the same time.

Amanda L.
business consultant
I’ll show you how to do it in a short video and give you
the dope audio download for free…

and I bet you will feel better in a few simple breaths.

*This meditation is for mature audiences only, please, as the presenter cannot control the occasional F-bombs that slip out when she gets excited. And let’s be straight, we may slip a DM into your email inbox with some messages after you sign up, but you can unsubscribe anytime and we promise to not sell your info to anyone. Pinky swear.