For Women

Mindfulness and embodiment practices for the modern women

A woman who claims her Shakti

Kundalini energy is powerful….
She embodies her personal power and owns her destiny with fierce grace.
She oozes sacred sensual energy and takes pleasure in all her brilliant creations.
She is confidently tapped into her internal intuitive guidance system.

She holds the soul codes of the modern yogini, the playful devadasi, the seductive dakini, the holy mother, the wise woman, the prosperity priestess, and the new world feminine leader.

She lives inside of you… and it is time to activate your codes and fulfill your destiny.

What is Shakti Kundalini Yoga?

Meditation for women

Shakti Kundalini Yoga is a pathway for women to find balance in the business of the modern world.

This invigorating meditative practice offers a unique blend of modern and classical yogic traditions bent towards the female anatomy and energy systems.

It celebrates sensuality, our bodies, and our pleasure as our spiritual allies.

It weaves together women’s wisdom teachings from various lineages and delivers it in a body-positive meditation program for the modern woman so she can create daily rituals of her own.

Best of all, we have a community of supportive women to hold you as you walk this path towards your destiny.

This is your invitation to join our meditation community online:

What our Shakti Sisters have to say…

Shakti Kundalini Yoga is such a beautiful way to go inside and connect with ourselves. I loved how Julie infuses connecting with our womanhood and embodying that power in her teachings. She also provides simple practices that can be done daily to nurture that connection. I highly recommend taking her class!

Leanna L.
Clean Beauty Consultant
Avena’s Shakti Kundalini class was an epic journey for me to drop into connection with the body, the breath, the heart, the feminine, and the earth’s presence… I feel cleansed, fortified, renewed, released, supported, grateful, empowered, held. Thank you SO much miss Bliss!

Pippi K.
Certified Breema Instructor
No matter where you are in your journey of discovery, this Shakti Kundalini class will be right for you! The way that Julie embodies the teachings and shares them with you allows you to gently drop back in your body with no shame or judgment. I am so grateful to be on this journey of discovery with her!

Joni P.
Personal Assistant
Julie’s Shakti Kundalini Class is the perfect addition to my new and full moon rituals. Her ability to weave together kundalini yoga, tantra, and our goddess energy is truly a gift. I love being in circle (even virtually) with these strong, powerful women. Thank you!

Kerri P.
Business Owner
Every time I worked with Julie, I felt brought back home to my feminine essence. She is not only a lovely person, a fantastic coach and an inspired channel… but she also has the foundation for all she provides in her extensive background in holistic health. A session with Julie will leave you glowing for days.

Caroline B.

My offerings for women…

Meditation Groups

Shakti Kundalini Yoga

Shakti Kundalini Yoga for Women is a unique yoga & meditation technique geared towards activating “Shakti” life force energy giving you the boost you need to rock your life. Methods include classical and modern Kriya, Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra Yoga utilizing breathwork, meditation, guided visualizations, mantras, dance, metaphysics, manifestation practices, mudras, womb magic, and more.


Journey Guide

Private wellness retreats

Have a personal retreat at our gorgeous private estate and explore a deep dive into your inner world using sacred medicines, meditation practices and shamanic journeywork. Our personal wellness retreats are designed to give you a well-needed break from your daily stresses while you indulge yourself in nature therapy, healthy farm-to-table organic food, spa time and relaxation in between our session work together.


Personal Mentoring

Medicine Woman & Guide

Dive deeper into your inner world with personal mentoring and guidance to help you build healthy mindfulness practices that will support your well-being, happiness and direction in life. From deep somatic healing to orgasmic self-pleasure practices, we can explore a personalized approach to creating tools that will unleash your Shakti energy and help you stay grounded, calm and present along the way.


Private Mentoring for Women

Let’s Get Shaktified!

reach out for me for more information on classes, private retreats & mentoring