For Couples

Want a Love Life that is Spiritual and Sexy?

Cultivate more romantic turn-on and soulful sensual connection in your relationship that sparks up passionate lovemaking and deeper connection in the bedroom using The LoveSpark Method!

Relationships need a little

spark to stay sizzling…
In a longterm romantic relationship, it is common for the juicy spark of intimacy, arousal and excitement to naturally fade as the love hormones sizzle down and life gets in the way (stress, work, babies, monotony, health issues.. it’s all a natural part of life and relating).

The LoveSpark Method is a step-by-step technique that couples can use in the bedroom as sensual yogic foreplay to create a deeper emotional connection, full-body turn-on, and a sizzling romantic bond between two lovers so you can…

Get out of your head,
Drop back into your body,
And pop a raging heart-on for your lover!

What is The

LoveSpark Method?
Using a blend of modernized Kundalini and Tantra Yoga practices designed for lovers, a LoveSpark practice can be done in a few minutes, creating a tangible shift in the way you relate to each other in and out of the bedroom playing with:
The LoveSpark Method helps reignite the sexy spark in your relationship… no matter how long you’ve been together.

Here’s a free LoveSpark meditation for you and your lover…

“Hey Lover, Wanna Spark?”

How it works…

By creating a customized LoveSpark date night, or simply using one of the guided practices for a five-minute quickie, couples will have a fun toolbox of intimacy exercises to use as spiritual foreplay in the bedroom to warm you up before lovemaking, to make up after an ugly fight, or to simply connect for a five minutes after a long workday.

And if you happen to slip into a ravenous lovemaking session after doing a LoveSpark… well… that’s a bonus side-effect that is good for your mind, body, and soul.


Because activating sensual
pleasure and making love can:
Dump your brain with happy hormones
Burn calories and counts as exercise
Reduce stress and your risk for heart disease
Amps up your immune system & lowers blood pressure
Boosts your libido and make you feel ga-ga in love all over again!

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