Eden World: Passion & Desire Weekend

Passion & Desire Couples Weekend

FEBRUARY 12TH – 13TH, 2022
Virtual RETREAT @ www.edenworld.com

Passion & Desire weekend is an exploration of intimate, erotic connection with your beloved hosted by special guest teachers Julie Avena & Laurence Abrams.

Our aim is to support each of you to…
❣️ Embrace the next level of sexual expression within your relationship.
❣️ Break out of any fears or triggers around sexuality or eroticism.
❣️ Explore new ways of intimacy with your lover beyond the usual monotony of the familiar (same ol’ same ol) love making.
❣️Have opportunities to open up to share what you’re looking to try new.
❣️Discover where you may have been holding back around your desires or speaking them and have tools to be able to so with acceptance and love.
And so much more…

Throughout the 2 days you will be guided on an intimate, sensual, playful and thought-provoking journey with your beloved to uncover and discover new ways of being together.
(There are three awesome modules you can attend.)
Let us paint a picture of the weekend for you…
SATURDAY: 9:30am-1pm PT
*required for all non-members
Saturday, we begin the day together with the Learning Party experience. This designed to give you valuable tools and teachings aligned with event theme that sets the stage for the entire day and all the conversations to follow.
Epic Date Night is a custom tailored date experience for you and your partner. We have multiple experience rooms designed to tantalize your senses and bring you closer together. As well as DJ sets, intention setting circle and more.
SUNDAY: 12-3pm PT
*required for all non-members
After a nice “sleep in” we gather once more on Sunday afternoon to explore, express and share all that transpired over the weekend in the Love Lounge & Integration session, giving us a chance to learn from each other and take what we’ve learned into our lives, couples councils and connections. Now that you are all warmed up the courageous conversations and deep dialogs around the weekend will allow us to take it all the way home before we depart.

Join us for this incredible weekend where we collectively take our love and relationships to new heights.

Deadline to register is the Thursday before each event at midnight Pacific.

Join us at: https://edenworld.org/GOLDEN

We offer these couples weekend events every other month, so if you missed this one click the link to register for the next event!

Eden Passion and Desire