Apr 19, 2020

Being stuck in the house 24/7 with your lover during a global pandemic can put a lot of stress on a couple.

Here are three relationship tips to help you not just survive, but THRIVE:

❤ Schedule sexy date nights every week: Get dressed up in fancy clothes. Put all devices on do not disturb mode. Play sexy intimacy games together. End the night in the bedroom (hopefully sans clothes). No pressure to have sex, but if you do… that’s a bonus!

❤ Create solo time and honor each other’s need for privacy: We all need a little space to recharge on our own. If you don’t have separate rooms, create a cozy corner for yourself, put headphones on, and agree on how long you need to not be disturbed. Give each other space.

❤ Reach out to other couples in quarantine and have a virtual double date: Check in often to see if they need any support. You are probably not the only ones who may be feeling crunchy once in a while. Ask for tips on how they are keeping it juicy and fun during quarantine.

👉 What tips do you have to help couples survive quarantine? Drop them in the comments!

Julie Avena

Meditation & Intimacy Coach

Julie Avena

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