Create a playful, sexy & passionate life!

This easy stress relief meditation will help you feel #CalmAF

My friends call me Shakti…

I’m a meditation teacher, intimacy coach and medicine woman

Devoted to making your mindfulness practices juicier with spiritually sexy meditations and mind-expanding experiences.

What turns me on more than anything is moving life force energy through the body, connecting with the sensuality of nature and getting high off of epic meditation sessions.

I am passionate about the segue of meditation, nature therapy and the intentional use of entheogenic medicines to enhance personal wellness, mental health and spiritual awakening.

Spark up your romantic parnership with a couples meditation

As a meditation teacher

and intimacy coach,

I integrate modern Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, conscious kink and somatic healing practices into a unique form of meditation and rituals for the yoga mat, medicine ceremonies and in the bedroom.

I also love a sexy beat or two (I’m a DJ and second generation vaudeville performer who once ran off with a Tantric Circus… yes, like with clowns, mantras, stunt dildos, and the whole shebang). Intrigued?

Programs & Offerings

Does traditional “sit still and shut up”

meditation drive you crazy?
Me too! 🤯 Lucky for us, silent meditation is not the only way to become ultra spiritual and tap into blissful mental stillness.
Come find ecstatic inner peace through wild movement, sensual touch, banging music, chanting in tongues, romantic pleasures, and making your eyeballs do weird things…

Activate your Shakti energy…

Women’s Programs

Modern women need daily sacred practices to stay emotionally grounded, feel delicious in their body, and create a successful life full of love, pleasure and personal power.

Shakti Kundalini Yoga classes inspire women to amp up their “Shakti” energy in an exploration of different meditation practices so she can find a sweet spot that works perfectly for her self-care routines at home.

As a medicine woman, I hold a unique space for women to feel safe, empowered and in balance with her mental health and service to the world with private mentoring & shamanic journey retreats.

Hey Lover, Wanna Spark?

The LoveSpark Method™
Do you long for that “Love Spark” you first felt at the beginning of your relationship when addictive love hormones were pumping through your veins, you felt crazy in love, and couldn’t keep your hands off each other?

The LoveSpark Method will make you feel horny for each other again with easy to follow guided meditations, sensual yogic practices, and playful connection games so you can create intentional time to nourish your relationship and feel turned-on again.

Her playfulness reminds you not to take yourself so seriously. That was a really fun meditation. I feel peacefully silly, calm, and joyful!

John-Michael M.
Improv Comedian
Her ability to weave together kundalini yoga, tantra, and our goddess energy is truly a gift. Julie’s classes are the perfect addition to my new and full moon rituals.

Kerri P.
Business Consultant
I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of meditation, but Julie has totally shifted my perspective. It’s so good to ‘feel my energy’ versus just trying to ‘sit still and be quiet.’ I come out of her sessions feeling refreshed, healed, and energized!

Madison P.
I loved how Julie infuses connecting with our womanhood and embodying that power in her teachings. She also provides simple practices that can be done daily to nurture that connection.

Leanna L.
Clean Beauty Consultant
The music was great! I noticed that I was smiling naturally during her meditations, thinking… ‘Just chill, mothaf*cker!’ I feel calm in my body with a smile on my face.

Ann M.
Real Estate Agent
Each of the practices Julie brings are potent and practical… embodying ancient feminine power and wisdom attuned to TODAY.

Greta H.
Marriage & Family Therapist
A session with Julie will leave you glowing for days. She is not only a lovely person, a fantastic coach, and an inspired channel… but she also has the foundation for all she provides in her extensive background in holistic health.

Caroline B.
The way that Julie embodies the teachings and shares them with you allows you to gently drop back in your body with no shame or judgment. I am so grateful to be on this journey of discovery with her!

Joni P.
Personal Assistant

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